Franchise Opportunity 

  • Increase your market share—bring in new clients or members

  • Provide safer workplaces—reduce personnel costs

  • Reduce health care costs for your clients or members

  • New income stream

  • Provide new services that your employers really need

Drug Free Business lets you offer your clients or members a cost-effective drug-free workplace program. We have everything you need and will customize a program that really works for you, your clients or members and their employees.

Special Offer—

Your business can now offer drug-free workplace services including “clean-card” programs to employers in your area:

Services provided by Drug Free Business:

  • Drug testing (nation-wide) using the gold standard using only SAMHSA certified laboratories
  • Policy and procedure development assistance—both DOT and non-DOT
  • Unlimited consulting and troubleshooting
  • Over 9,000 network testing locations throughout the nation
  • On-site collection services available in most locations
  • Guidance in complying with state and federal drug/alcohol testing laws
  • In-house Medical Review Officers (MRO)—certified by MROCC
  • Secure web-based reporting (24/7) of test results for speedy turnaround time
  • Web based reporting allows you to monitor multiple branch locations—confirm that employers are in compliance
  • Optional on-line random selection services at no additional charge
  • Blind quality control specimens submitted to labs at no extra charge
  • Setup drug testing collection sites anywhere in the nation at no additional charge
  • DOT and non-DOT supervisor training nationwide
  • Certified trainers (collection, BAT, STT) on staff
  • Live and online supervisor and manager training
  • Will assist each employer throughout a DOT audit at no additional charge
  • Will assist your employers in applying for insurance discounts (where available)
  • Consolidation of all testing bills into one monthly itemized statement
  • Optional Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) - and EAP Helpline nationwide
  • Optional background checking services—over 100 searches and reports
  • We are active members in the following professional organizations:
    • Substance Abuse Program Administrators Assoc. (SAPAA)
    • Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA)
    • Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace
    • National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance
    • Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA)
    • Society for Human Resource Managers (SHRM)
    • Association for Third-Party Administrators
    • Association of Washington Business
  • All this at a price much lower than you and your employers are now paying

 Earn cash for every test or background check performed—for services that  your sponsors or members really need. Drug Free Business does all the work for you—your sponsors or members see your logo and you get the credit.

How does the Private Label Program work?

Download a sample 2-page promotional flyer:

Generic Business Associations PDF

School Bus Transportation Association PDF

Why should you be interested?

• Employers (your clients, sponsors or members) need these services and too often are paying outrageous prices for testing or background checking services that may not be accurate or meet federal regulatory standards.

• Drug and alcohol abusers use 300% more healthcare benefits than other employees and are five times as likely to file a worker’s compensation claim. This is a huge cost to employers—and to their employees who must also pay part of the premiums. Our optional confidential full-service EAP program is available for all family members, for any problem including chemical dependency , any time—because family members also use up health benefits.

• Offering these services gets your name out in your community – you’ll be offering sponsors, and potential members and other employers great services at very reasonable prices.

• You don’t have to do any work except offer the services to your clients and/or members and fill out contact information – unless you want to.

• This is a new income stream for your organization – We pay you cash for every test or background check performed – you may charge what you wish for setup fees, membership fees, random selection service fees, training fees, or just bundle all these services into a special low-cost package for your sponsors and members.

Examples of organizations that should take advantage of this program:

  • Any association that represents employers
  • Any service provider that has employers as clients
  • Construction Associations
  • Building Trades Unions - sponsor your own "clean card" program
  • Hospitality Associations - all hotels/motels should require drug testing and background screening
  • Occupational Medical Clinics - you are doing collections already, why not offer additional services and programs without doing the work
  • Drug Prevention Associations
  • Drug and Alcohol Treatment Associations
  • Insurance Brokers
  • School Transportation Associations
  • Law Enforcement Associations - Chiefs and Sheriff's Associations
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) - as an optional service for your clients
  • On-site collectors
  • Walk-in drug testing collectors

Not sure how this will work for you? Give us a call for a confidential consultation.


If you are thinking of opening a collection site, or offering drug testing services, why pay a franchise fee of $60,000 or more plus a percentage of income? If you qualify, we will PAY YOU under our private label program.