Drug Testing - Columbus, GA for 2017

Drug Free Business has drug testing collection sites in Columbus, GA, other cities near you and over 9,000 sites nation-wide. If you are an employer in Columbus, GA we can provide you with all the components for a successful, cost-effective drug-free workplace program including

  • Free drug-free workplace consultation
  • Easy to use drug-free workplace policies and procedures
  • Administration of your drug testing programs
  • Drug testing - alcohol testing
  • Overnight turnaround of results in most locations
  • Random selection services - free
  • Department of Transportation D.O.T. compliant testing programs
  • Medical Review Officer (MRO) Programs
  • Industry-wide clean card programs
  • Background screening - Employment Screening

In Columbus, GA we also have cost effective Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), Supervisor Training, DOT Supervisor Training, Designated Employer Representative (DER) Training, Employee Education Training, customized training webinars, and Background Screening programs. Learn More..

Not sure where to start?  Drug testing in the workplace; everything you need to know. Give us a call - we'll be glad to guide you, and of course there is no obligation. Yes, we can offer all of these services in Columbus at a cost that is probably far less than you are now paying. Sign up for our free newsletter to be notified of free training that is available in Columbus and nation-wide.Signup for Free Newsletter - We will not sell or rent this information to anyone

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