SNAP Collection Site Maps

Participants in the Sheet Metal Northwest Anti-Drug Program (SNAP) may use many of these collection sites in the Pacific Northwest.  Remember to bring the SNAP Test Authorization Form with you to the collection site, and if you want to use a Quest or Quest Preferred collection site you will also need a Quest pre-printed multi-part Custody & Control Form.

SNAP Collection Sites


2/1/2016: The collection site locator (below) is now also a smart-phone app. Enter this address on your phone or iPad.

9/21/2015: We now have a new collection site locator (see sidebar on left). SNAP participants may use many of these sites, for example any of the PACLAB/PAML, LabCorp, or Quest Patient Service Centers in the Northwest. These maps are updated continuously from a Drug Free Business database. However, sometimes collection sites move, close, or change their hours without telling us. If our info is wrong, please let Drug Free Business know so we can immediately make corrections.  We recommend that you always call the site first to confirm hours.

Workers participating in the SNAP program can now use any U.S. Healthworks medical clinic in Washington State as a SNAP collection site. Many have extended hours and some are open on Saturday and Sunday. Check the area lists and maps for details.